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Recent changes

- 0.6.0

Font revamp


And a little suprise for y'all if you've stuck this far from the beginning

Road plan:

0.6.0 Implement upgrades system - NOTE: Saves will be wiped! In 0.6.0 I intend to make a framework of placeholders until I implement these future updates and prevent wipes. For clarification, after 0.6.0 no saves will be deleted until release!

0.7.0 Implement addons - These will be upgrades to your gateway, which grant bonuses in time and or money in all software installed or specific software as long as the addons are "plugged in". You can have a total of 5 addons plugged in at the same time so you can swap them out when you get newer or better ones.

0.8.0 Implement reset mechanism and "bits" - Bits are the second currency which gives a bonus to all software data generation (giving x% increase) and upgrades to them.

0.9.0 Implement music and sound effects

0.9.5 Implement game wide multiplier helped by ads, tutorial

1.0.0 Release on html5

After 1.0.0 is released I'll work on the android port ASAP

Story blurb:

You got an email from a company claiming it needs new employees. You take on their request and after various exams and interviews, you receive a link to download an application to your cellphone.

This is the application, it's a remote control for a gateway in an undisclosed and out of the boundaries of law location.

Your objective is to steal information for your employers. They give you back bytes of data that you can use to upgrade your gateway or software.

Upgrades to your software will be in the form of permament time and data bonuses.

Upgrades to your gateway will give temporary bonuses to all software or massive bonuses to one software. There's a maximum amount of 5 upgrades to the gateway (or AddOns) and they are switchable with n amount of seconds for them to be installed (The time duration is variable depending on the AddOn - meaning, better AddOns will take longer - but this time is changable via upgrades or other addons)


-Removed the background to make the text clearer


-Revamped the buttons

-Fixed bug in timers where after 30 seconds it'll go down one full button

-Fixed a bug in timers where it'd occasionally display '60' in the minutes/second section

-Changed cost/tick values of totally not copy pasted game elements


-Changed the font for the cost label


-UI Changes

- Balance tweaking

Update 0.1.0a has came!

- Saving implemented**NOTICE: It got late and I couldn't implement background datamining i.e. generating data between saving - loading the game. I'm so sorry!**

- Implementation of marquee and other UI changes

- Changed the data revenue increase with each upgrade to lineal (was exponential) for balancing experiments


- Saving implemented

- Reworked balance

- Unseen but QoL increase (at least for me the programmer!)

- 0.5.4

Small UI Changes

- 0.6.0

Font revamp


And a little suprise for y'all if you've stuck this far from the beginning